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The Global Network of Personal Genome Projects includes researchers at many leading institutions around the globe.

North America

PGP Harvard (United States)
George Church Lab
Harvard Medical School
Founded Aug 2005

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PGP Canada
McLaughlin Centre, University of Toronto and
The Centre for Applied Genomics, Hospital for Sick Children
Founded Dec 2012

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Stephan Beck Lab
University College London
Founded November 2013

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Genom Austria
CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Vienna, Austria
Founded in November 2014

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Members of the Global Network of Personal Genome Projects adhere to the following guidelines:

  • (a) Public Data. Participants are invited to publicly share their genomic and trait data in an integrated, publicly-accessible format using a CC0 waiver or equivalent public domain license.
  • (b) Non-anonymous. The risks of participant re-identification are addressed up front, as an integral part of the consent and enrollment process; neither anonymity nor confidentiality of participant identities or their data are promised to research participants.
  • (c) Equal access. Participants are provided access to their individual research data in a timely and complete fashion (i.e., raw data and not just summary results, where feasible).
  • (d) Oversight. Each member must at all times maintain current Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval or local equivalent, and will work with PersonalGenomes.org to continue to implement identified best practices for responsible public genomics research.
  • (e) Not for profit. The research project is managed or sponsored by a non-profit organization (or local equivalent). In addition, other than purposes of reasonable cost recovery, the member shall not sell or license participant data or tissues.

Join the network

If you are a researcher and you wish to receive the benefits of being a member of this network, there is a competitive application process. For more information about becoming a member site, please pgbchina.org.