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The Personal Genome Project China is located at Human Phenome Institute, Fudan University.

PGP China is the latest addition to the existing Global Network of Personal Genome Projects including USA (Harvard), Canada, United Kingdom, and Austria, now encompassing researchers at leading institutions around the globe.

The Personal Genome Project

The Personal Genome Project was established in 2005 to provide ethical alternatives for problematic human subject consent and to test novel technologies to collect data on genomes, environments and traits. Since its inception at Harvard Medical School, it has now grown into a global network (personalgenomes.org).

Ongoing Participatory Research

We respect the people behind the data, and we aim to maintain strong relationships with participants. We want to collaborate on tracking health and other traits as they unfold over time. We also want to better understand the benefits and risks related to accessing and sharing personal genomes and other types of data.

Genomes, Environments, and Traits

The genome is just a part of the story: genes interact with the environment to form traits. Participants may choose to contribute other public data to build public records of their health and traits. We also try to connect participants with research, education, and citizen science projects that are connected to personal genome data.