Sharing Personal Genomes

The Personal Genome Project China is dedicated to creating a public data sharing platform of personal genome, health, and trait data. It will be the first "open science" genome project in China to break traditional data sharing barriers that slow down scientific research. It aims to become a valuable resource to benefit the research community, the industry, and the general public.

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Donating your genome and health data to science is a great way to enable advances in understanding human genetics, biology, and health. We seek volunteers willing to donate diverse personal information to become a public resource.

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Open Data

Open data is a critical component of the scientific method, but genomes are both identifiable and predictive. As a result, many studies choose to withhold data from participants and restrict access to researchers. If you are interested in using PGP China data for research, please let us know, and we will contact you when it is available.

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Global Network

We are a member of the Global Network of Personal Genome Projects. Since the Personal Genome Project was launched at Harvard Medical School in 2005, the network has grown to include researchers at many leading institutions around the globe.